To the uninitiated and even those who have had some previous experience, designing and building a new home, or renovating your existing home can be a daunting and bewildering challenge.

With taylor’d DISTINCTION to help you avoid the traps, the results can be nothing short of remarkable! You’ll have a custom-designed home that suits you and your lifestyle – a taylor’d home! We’ll educate and guide you along the way, explaining the principles involved in your home design and creation. You are always the vital component – just as no two people are alike, we feel no two homes should be either. Your comments are always appreciated and encouraged.

In design, there are many factors to be considered and acted upon to achieve outstanding results. These factors will influence the direction and extent of the finished product. Although not conclusive, we have compiled a list of design factors and tips to help you better understand the process.


    No matter what your budget, we all want value for money. Through good design principles, sound knowledge of construction methods and minimised engineered costs, our design fees are often saved many times over. We strive to be the best value for your money.


    The site’s size and shape, slope, aspect and outlook from your block will naturally have a major impact on your design. However, other factors may include privacy from neighbouring buildings, environmental influences and underground services.


    Council regulations vary from council to council and from allotment to allotment. Even two similar blocks within the same street can have different building regulations. We research and appraise each allotment on its own merits. Typically, regulations will stipulate building setbacks from boundaries, maximum building height and maximum site coverage to name just a few.


    Building covenants are in addition to council regulations. Covenants specify a minimum standard that must be achieved within the estate, to ensure a minimum or consistent building type. Typically, building covenants control use of building materials, building forms and roof profiles.


    The design brief is the basic information that helps shape your dreams into a concept. In effect it is a wish list of what you would like to achieve, capturing the perfect design for you now and in the future.


    We’re happy to recommend or organise any surveys, soil testing and engineering through highly credible companies we’ve come to trust.


    taylor’d DISTINCTION are experienced in all aspects of certification and compliance. We will lodge plans and documentation for building approval, acting on your behalf to ensure your design meets council certification and approval.


    Choose a builder that has built houses of a similar style, materials and construction methods. It is important that the builder is prepared to listen and work as a team with you. We don’t recommend any particular builder, however, through our years in the industry, we have become acquainted with quality builders we trust and are happy to recommend them without recompense.


    It is extremely important to have a designer who has the skills, expertise and track record in the type of development you are planning. Pete Taylor has professional design qualifications in both architectural and structural disciplines and is also an endorsed sustainable designer. Pete has over 36 years of design experience in a wide variety of residential, commercial and industrial projects. With a taylor’d design, you’re guaranteed the freedom of having multiple builders’ quotes without compromising a single facet of your home! taylor’d DISTINCTION provides the experience and expertise to guide you from concept to completion.