Our Services

taylor’d DISTINCTION provides a highly professional building design service. With over 36 years of conceptual and building design knowledge behind us, supported by multiple qualifications in architecture and structural engineering, including sustainable building principles, Pete Taylor’s extensive design pedigree produces innovative and stylish results. Pete’s enthusiasm and passion leads to stunning designs and buildings that will reflect your desire for something unique – a home as individual as you are.


taylor’d DISTINCTION undertakes on-site consultations with you to discuss your design needs. At this meeting, Pete will listen to your goals and dreams for the project. During this consultation, he can assess and explain the various influences that will affect the outcome of your design. Pete Taylor will also outline the conceptual design, building permit documentation and building permit approval process. He understands building or renovating can often be challenging and confusing for the uninitiated, so Pete strives to break down the confusing jargon and building processes to make it as simple and stress free for you as possible.


Pete Taylor provides a continuing personalised service to all his clients. From the first on-site consultation, through to completing building permit approval, Pete is personally involved and responsible for all design concepts and the preparation of the building permit documentation. Pete carefully prepares a detailed design brief with each client, capturing the essence of your project. He then crafts a concept tailored to your specific needs and clearly communicates design options that will enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your design. Using the design services of taylor’d DISTINCTION means that you do not have to compromise on your dream of perfection.


Practically every project requires a team of dedicated professionals to assist in the design of your project. On your behalf, taylor’d DISTINCTION can arrange consultants that specialise in engineering, surveying and building certification. Pete will act as your representative to ensure the design team is cohesive and working to achieve perfection.


Using our state-of-the-art design technology, taylor’d DISTINCTION can provide you with 3D visualisations to bring your planned dream home to life. Realistic images allow you to view your project from almost any angle, providing an opportunity to explore building functionality, forms and materials prior to construction.Computer aided design, or CAD, allows us to produce realistic and accurate design drawings, which provide a close depiction of the final project and can include intricate details such as lighting, window and roofing illustrations. The floor plans, elevations to 3D architectural modelling and perspectives, produced by taylor’d DISTINCTION are a powerful tool to help you visualise your dream.


Commissioning Pete Taylor gives you freedom to achieve your ideal design. Whether you are remodelling or building from scratch, taylor’d DISTINCTION can assist you in developing a comprehensive design incorporating the style and functionality that your lifestyle demands. Our ability to guide you from concept to completion gives you the freedom to obtain multiple building quotes and to find a builder who perfectly understands your vision.


Designing alterations and additions requires specialised skills for successful and outstanding results. Whether the renovation is simply a one or two room addition or a complete transformation, taylor’d DISTINCTION provides the experience and expertise to achieve a remarkable outcome.Success in designing alterations and additions is reliant on an understanding of the function and performance, or lack thereof, of the existing building. Careful analysis of the existing building, coupled with working closely with the client on the design brief and our detailed knowledge of construction techniques ensures a result second to none.In most cases, renovation requires a modernisation of not just the appearance, but also the way the house is functioning with everyday use. What was expected of a dwelling say, 10-20 years ago, is now considered outdated. Today’s modern home is a reflection of your busy lifestyle. A stylish home, one that adapts, is energy efficient, effective today and in the future, a home that is dynamic. A home as individual as you. A home that defines your lifestyle.

Unit Developments

From low-density duplexes to high-rise apartments, taylor’d DISTINCTION has the experience and knowledge to design stunning and functional buildings. Pete Taylor can handle everything from site analysis to design development, co-ordination of consultant services and town planning and building approvals. Our professional streamlined approach can help make the building process faster and provide you with the opportunity to recoup on your investment earlier.


taylor’d DISTINCTION offers both commercial and industrial building design services. The design of commercial developments can encompass offices, retail outlets, cafes, restaurants and state-of-the-art industrial workshops. With many years of building design experience, Pete Taylor can provide you with the necessary information to allow you to implement a successful building project in a timely manner and one that meets the unique demands of your business. taylor’d DISTINCTION prides itself on functional design principles to improve productivity and profit. Pete Taylor welcomes the opportunity to assist you with the planning, design and approval of your commercial construction project.