Finding or creating your perfect home can be a challenge.
A taylor’d DISTINCTION custom designed new home or renovation is the answer.

Creating your dream home requires passion and teamwork. Whether you’re looking for an architectural design or prefer traditional concept, taylor’d DISTINCTION produces innovative design solutions utilising the latest building materials and construction techniques to make your dream home a reality.

If you have found the perfect block of land and want to build your dream home to match, Pete Taylor’s design expertise and skills can make it happen. Don’t compromise on your ambitions; let Pete discuss the design options available to allow you to turn your dreams into a magnificent home for you and your family.

Whether you want a home to match your lifestyle, the growing needs of your family, or to simply enjoy the luxury of living in your dream home, taylor’d DISTINCTION can assist you with its custom design service.


Whether it’s your home or you’ve found one you like, but isn’t quite right, perhaps all it needs is an alteration or addition to make it the perfect home for you.

Contact taylor’d DISTINCTION for professional advice – even before you decide to purchase – whether you require a small extension or a complete transformation.

Renovations can be a cost-effective option to convert your existing home into a more functional and aesthetically pleasing residence. Whether it is your own home that needs design modifications, or another home you’ve found on the market in a sought-after area, we can assist you to improve its liveability and remodel it to suit your lifestyle.


Sometimes this can work out well. However here are some things to carefully consider: Is your choice based on a floor plan and price rather than on quality design and workmanship? A common misunderstanding is that a project built home is always cheaper than a custom build. The standard plans from project builders are just that! Standard plan and standard built. As soon as any modifications need to be made, the additional costs incurred from variations on the original plans are expensive. Typically, their standard plan may need to be changed to suit your family’s needs, the topography of your site might not suit the standard design, or even the incorrect orientation of the design to suit ecologically sustainable guidelines, the build cost per square metre for project builders increases dramatically.

Your site will be uniquely different from the display village; warm morning sun into their kitchen could end up being hot afternoon sun in yours. Site characteristics need to be considered carefully. Your new home should be designed to suit your block’s natural characteristics, rather than creating expensive site earthworks to suit a standard floor plan.

Did you know, if a builder organizes the planning documentation, they own the copyright, even if you supplied your own concept? Don’t want them to build your home? You’ll need copyright release or forfeit your concept. Despite popular opinion, it is not okay to just change a few design elements!


The exceptional designs produced by taylor’d DISTINCTION are a result of a lifelong passion for design excellence. Pete’s strengths are his academic qualifications combined with his extensive experience across all disciplines of design.

We believe in investing time with our clients to develop a trusting relationship, to ensure clients are comfortable to communicate their dreams and visions. We work closely with you to achieve your ideal home, keeping you up-to-date with each and every stage of the design process.

We know you will enjoy the freedom of having a custom taylor’d DISTINCTION designed home!